My name is Shannon McFarland and this is my blog where I attempt to discuss, demo and give my opinions on a variety of technology-related topics to include: OpenStack, Docker, overall cloud stuff, virtualization, Linux, development, IPv6, application deployment and generic Data Center design.

I am currently employed as a Distinguished Consulting Engineer at Cisco Systems (15+ years) and focus on OpenStack design and deployment as well as R&D for upcoming cloud, data center and application-focused technologies such as Docker and automation frameworks.

I have been working in the technology industry, primarily the networking, compute, application, cloud and automation areas since the early 90s.  Historically, I have focused on large-scale data center designs with a focus on application deployment in those areas.  Most people know me for my work in: VDI, IPv6, data center server virtualization, OpenStack and, most recently, Docker.

I hold an active CCIE (#5245) certification in R&S and have had a wide range of other vendor/industry certifications from Novell, Microsoft and VMware.

I co-authored a book focused on IPv6 deployment in the Enterprise entitled: IPv6 for Enterprise Networks by Cisco Press (http://www.ciscopress.com/store/ipv6-for-enterprise-networks-9781587142277)

I have presented at a wide-variety of industry and vendor conferences to include:

  • Cisco Live (10 time Distinguished Speaker and in the inaugural class of Hall of Fame Speakers)
  • OpenStack Summit
  • Interop
  • Various IPv6 Summits
  • MS TechEd
  • VMworld

What I do most is: figure stuff out, write it down, tell people about it and then try to make it better.

If you are in the Denver/Front-range area then I encourage you to join a Meetup that Scott Lowe and I co-founded and organize on OpenStack: http://www.meetup.com/OpenStack-Denver/

You can find me via:

  • Twitter: @eyepv6
  • Email: mcfarland at debug-all dot com


This is my personal blog and any comments, opinions, demos, configurations or any other posting is based on my own views and not that of my employer.  I love sharing stuff that I have learned or am trying to figure out and I am in no way trying to convince any reader of the use of any technology or product.


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