Docker Hub – We don’t need no stinking IPv6!

I got a lot of great feedback on my last post about the basic configuration of Docker Engine with IPv6.  The next topic that I wanted to cover (and was excited to test) was Docker Hub with IPv6.

My hopes and dreams were smashed in about 15 seconds when I found out that IPv6 is not enabled for and none of my docker login, docker search, docker pull, docker push or even a browser session to would work over IPv6.

An nslookup reveals no IPv6. Nada. Zip. :


Non-authoritative answer:	canonical name =

Authoritative answers can be found from:

Non-authoritative answer:	nameserver =	nameserver =	nameserver =	nameserver =
origin =
mail addr =
serial = 1
refresh = 7200
retry = 900
expire = 1209600
minimum = 86400

Insert your favorite sad panda image here. 🙁

I know the Docker folks are in a bind with this since they are using Amazon who is likely the last cloud provider on earth who does not have real IPv6 support (none in EC2-VPC but you can in EC2-Classic).

I will move on from Docker Hub and start checking out other Docker stuff like Registry, Compose, etc…

See you next time. Sorry for the epic failure of this post.